Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lu Is Fourth Semifinalist

In his most impressive outing yet in an international tournament, Lu Hui-Chan of Chinese Taipei has garnered the fourth slot in the Final Four of the Philippine Open. And he has done so in a way that tags him as a possible winner when the smoke of competition clears.

But for his lone loss to Pulpul, Lu has been devastating and impressive.

In his win-or-die match Saturday night against the equally impressive Corey Deuel, the Taiwanese took control early and did not give the American much room to get back. He took the match 9-6.

Earlier in the tournament, he took down Arnel Bautista (9-4), Thorsten Hohmann (9-4), Ko Pin-Yi (9-3), and Rudi Susanto (9-5).

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