Friday, May 29, 2009

Favorites in an unfamiliar territory

From l to r: Shane Van Boening and Ralf Souquet

The favorites in this event have suddenly found themselves in an unfamiliar territory.

WTBC champion Darren Appleton, world’s No.1 player Ralf Souquet, two-time World Junior champion Ko Pin Yi, former US Open champion Shane Van Boening, American standouts Gabe Owen and Corey Deuel and notable Filipino players such as Marlon Manalo and Gaga Gabica are in the loser’s side and are fighting for survival.

But it could happen even to the best of them and Souquet agrees with it.

“Well, there’s a bad day and there are days where you are at your best. That’s the beauty of this sport,” said Souquet.

Van Boening, who was just a point away from securing his third straight victory, said his previous match could have gone either way.

“It’s a game of good breaks,” said Van Boening. “Now it’s a test of character for us. That’s what we’ve lived for, play to your best potential.”

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